The original TCAD CENTRAL website is archived here: The content is an archive of the site from the 1990s, and was created by Michael Duane. It is a collection of interesting TCAD simulation topics.

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TCAD Position at Intel

Intel has an entry level position for TCAD Software Research Engineer/Scientist. Please see the listing for more information:

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The DEVSIM semiconductor device simulator is an open source software. The project home page is at As the primary developer, my goal is to create a general purpose tool that can be used for both traditional drift-diffusion and multi-physics problems. The forum at is a good place to join the discussion about this… Continue reading DEVSIM TCAD Simulator

TCAD Central

One of the websites I maintain is TCAD Central, located at  One of the most useful is a listing of open source and proprietary TCAD simulation tools.  Please check it out.