IEEE TED Special Issue on TCAD

The November 2021 issue of the IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices was a special issue on “New Simulation Methodologies for Next-Generation TCAD Tools”. It is available here: It is nice to see that there is interest in ongoing research in this important aspect of semiconductor device research.

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IEEE Preprint policy

The IEEE has taken a more open view of publishing research online before final publication. This includes posting unpublished manuscripts to their officially sponsored preprint server TechRxiv. In my recent experience, they encourage uploading your preprints, as part of the IEEE journal submission process. If your article is accepted, they do ask that you place… Continue reading IEEE Preprint policy

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The Modeling of Systems and Parameter Extraction Working Group (MOS-AK) is an organization holding meetings throughout the year, often colocated with other international research conferences. The topics of interest involve TCAD, compact modeling, and other EDA related areas of interest. Please visit their website at for more information.

Stanford TCAD

An important resource for TCAD simulation research is the Stanford TCAD website at Here you will find the source code for the PISCES device simulator, and the SUPREM process simulator. In addition, there are additional software programs available. Also archived here are informative dissertations concerning simulation methods and results.

Zenodo TCAD Community

Zenodo is a great website for archiving your research, in a way that is permanent and citable. An interesting feature are communities. “TCAD Simulation Methods and Results” so that this type of research can be curated on the site. When uploading your research, please feel free to tag this community, so that it can be… Continue reading Zenodo TCAD Community

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Well Tempered MOSFET

The ‘”Well-Tempered” Bulk-Si NMOSFET Device Home Page’ from the Microsystems Technology Laboratory at MIT, is an important historical resource with TCAD simulation files for \(9\) to \(90 \mu m\). Unfortunately the website is no longer available on the MIT website. For historical purposes, it is archived here for anyone interested in using these files for… Continue reading Well Tempered MOSFET


SISPAD 2022 will be held September 6-8, 2022 in Granada, Spain. The website is The official website for all SISPAD conferences is This is the premier conference for semiconductor modeling and simulation. It is held every year around the world. Some of the topics for this years conference include (from the call for… Continue reading SISPAD 2022

The original TCAD CENTRAL website is archived here: The content is an archive of the site from the 1990s, and was created by Michael Duane. It is a collection of interesting TCAD simulation topics.

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TCAD Position at Intel

Intel has an entry level position for TCAD Software Research Engineer/Scientist. Please see the listing for more information:

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The DEVSIM semiconductor device simulator is an open source software. The project home page is at As the primary developer, my goal is to create a general purpose tool that can be used for both traditional drift-diffusion and multi-physics problems. The forum at is a good place to join the discussion about this… Continue reading DEVSIM TCAD Simulator