The International Conference on Simulation of Semiconductor Processes and Devices (SISPAD) will be held in Kobe, Japan in 2023. According to the event organizers, the tentative dates are September 27-29. The official website for the conference is

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Please be aware that there is a fake SISPAD conference, with multiple dates in the upcoming years. The “World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology” is a scam organization, which steals the names of other conferences, and holds fake conferences all of the world.  There are informative articles about this organization here:… Continue reading FAKE SISPAD WARNING


The Modeling of Systems and Parameter Extraction Working Group (MOS-AK) is an organization holding meetings throughout the year, often colocated with other international research conferences. The topics of interest involve TCAD, compact modeling, and other EDA related areas of interest. Please visit their website at for more information.


SISPAD 2022 will be held September 6-8, 2022 in Granada, Spain. The website is The official website for all SISPAD conferences is This is the premier conference for semiconductor modeling and simulation. It is held every year around the world. Some of the topics for this years conference include (from the call for… Continue reading SISPAD 2022